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Foldable Mirror Booth
Novel and unique design on mirror photo booth, mini version, with LCD screen only in 32inch. When you had problems with other photo booth in portable carrying, this style surely solves your problem.
Portable Mirror Me Booth
Eagle Portable Magic Mirror Booth built in 2017, is a professional digital manufacturer and exporter that concentrate with its unique design and patent of mirror me booth, mirror booth, beauty mirror booth, mirror photo booth, selfie mirror, events photo
Portable Magic Mirror Booth
Eagle Patent Portable Mirror Me Booth, this new folding mirror photo booth is incorporated within aluminum shell on wheels. When it is transported, it can be folded by one person and put in flight case; when it needs to be used, it is easy to be unfolded
Touch Screen Portable Mirror Booth
Eagle Touch Screen Portable Mirror Booth own themself patent for fold style, make installation, packing, and transportation change to easy.
Portable Selfie Mirror Booth
Eagle Portable Selfie Mirror Booth is not the same as classic rectangular mirror photo booth, this style can be folded into a cube, even can be stuffed into the trunk of your private car.
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